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smile your stress away


8 chill songs that make me smile when I feel down

  • Soft Tones On A Stormy Evening by PJ Liguori
    kickthepj fiddles around on his ukelele. I love it.
  • Heart of Blue by Shannon Saunders
    Cute song
  • Memo by Years & Years
  • Bruno Mars (live cover) by It Will Rain
    You can hear pain in his voice - whether it be acting or real, it makes me smile/weep.
  • We Could Happen by biancabaluyut
    Not sure if it's a cover or original, I think it's a cover. But her voice just makes me want to squee
  • Royals (Cover) by Ed Sheeran
  • Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow
  • Choices by To Kill A King, Bastille, Emily Wood, We Were Evergreen, The Title Sequence, Professor Penguin
8 tracks
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