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The Worst. Mix. Ever.


To kill some time on a long road trip, my buddy and I brainstormed a list of over 100 songs that we mutually hated. We boiled that list down to 21. This mix really, really sucks. And you can't skip through more than 2 songs here. Good luck.

19 tracks
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This mix is fucking horrible. But this is really hilarious. I'll tell you this, it got me through work, laughing and anticipating the next shitty I have to "like" this and follow you now. Fucking hilarious! Good God - "my heart will go on" just came on - lmao Not sure why I'm compelled to write a novel on your worst mix ever wall, but nice job on making the worst mix ever. haha

It really is terrible isn't it...?! Ha well, glad it helped you through your day. Our intent was to make a mix that was so f-ing bad that any listener would want to skip every song within the first few seconds. Still makes me laugh, we were in stitches during that road trip, coming up with this list! And btw I love your taste in music, listened to one & excited to check out your other mixes!