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Open Your Heart ♥ A Minjoon+Songyi Playlist

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just a while ago i entered 'you who came from the stars' in the search bar and was sad when i got no result, and then i came across this! thank you for this! <3

You are very welcome! ^^ I'm hoping to create a new one, but I'm going to be waiting for more episodes to come out—maybe by the time the drama ends another fanmix will be out!

rn 'Like Being Hit By A Bullet' is playing and i couldn't help laughing when i recognized the song lol cheon song yiiiii
that's great to hear, will be looking forward to it!

Hahaha! That was MOST DEFINITELY intentional, and I'm glad that, even if the song is so so sad, you were able to laugh. Thanks for the follow as well!