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a birth & a death on the same day
and honey, i only appear so i can fade away.

warden / alistair, c. 2015

  • Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC) by Fall Out Boy
    a birth & a death on the same day / & honey, i only appear so i can fade away.
  • Every You Every Me (single mix) by Placebo
    carve your name into my arm / instead of stressed, i lie here charmed.
  • Clarity Cover by Tanner Patrick
    if our love is tragedy / why are you my remedy / if our love's insanity / why are you my clarity
  • Selena Gomez Cover by The Heart Wants What It Wants
    the bed's getting cold and you're not here / the future that we hold is so unclear
  • Sick Little Games by All Time Low
    we're all part of the same / sick little games / and i need to get away
  • Hanging By A Moment (Acoustic) by Robert De Bruin
    i'm living for the only thing i know / i'm running and i'm not quite sure where to go
  • Storm (Lifehouse Cover) by Togun
    water's getting harder to tread / with these waves crashing over my head
  • Hallelujah by k.d. lang
    she tied you to a kitchen chair / she broke your throne / she cut your hair / and from your lips she drew the hallelujah
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