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Soundtrack to a Movie I Wrote


Tracks that go in the progression of the scenes from a script I wrote a while ago.
Scenes are as follows....
Track 1 "Opening Credits"
Track 2 "The Hotel Regret"
Track 3 "District Hopping"
Track 4 "The Meeting"
Track 5 "Kidnapped/District Hopping Part 2"
Track 6 "Marketplace Shootout/Captured"
Track 7 "Mobius/The Sky Garden"
Track 8 "The Final Encounter"
Track 9 "Ending Credits"

9 tracks
1 comment on Soundtrack to a Movie I Wrote

This mix is fantastic, great job!
Where could I find the "The Hive:Venus Michael McCann/Celldweller" track, I looked for it everywhere and I am unable to find it...