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Marina & Lana Mashups

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Marina & Lana Songs put together

  • Lana Del Rey & Marina and the Diamonds Mashup by National Anthem vs. Bubblegum Bitch
  • i am no young & beautiful by Lana Del Rey Vs. Marina And The Diamonds
  • Lana Del Rey Vs Marina And The Diamonds Valley Of The Dark Dolls (mashup) by Emy Rah
  • This Is What Makes A Teen Idle (Mashup) by Lana Del Rey vs. Marina & The Diamonds
  • Z) by Summertime Affection (Crystal Castles X Marina and The Diamonds X Lana Del Rey X Jay
  • Mixx (InjusticeLeague) by Lana Ft. Marina
  • Sex Anthem by lana del rey x marina and the diamonds
  • Living Dead Are Born To Die (Dj Sexy Princess Jasmine) by Lana Del Rey & Marina & The Diamonds
8 tracks