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The Bands of Mark, Tom, and Travis


4 bands put together by 3 amazing musicians. I put all the bands together in a mix with 2 songs from each, a slower one followed by a more upbeat one. On a side note, Blink-182 is back! Enjoy the mix and be ready for a new album!

8 tracks
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AvA is amazing to! I love all of their bands, glad you liked the mix!

P.S. I plan on seeing them in concert next time their remotely close to me!

Loooove this. I saw Blink twice on their tour, it was amazing, Travis' drum solo was badass and Mark literally gave me his guitar pick. Can't wait for their new stuff, AVA too!

Thanks! Sadly I haven't *sigh* but i hope to! A couple of my friends have gotten to though! Thanks for the comment kanabe5!

This is so good and a nice pick of songs!
Did you get to see them live? I went to their show in New Jersey...amazing!