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Tyler's, listening to lately #2


A few of my recent favorites. I listen to 30-40 hours of music a week. I may not be an audiophile but I'm at least a connoisseur. I'm not concerned with genre affiliation, popularity, or any implications you might gather about my taste by any one song on this playlist.I do pay attention to how a song makes me feel, the production, and how much I want to listen to it again after hearing it.My thanks go out to Jakob Lodwick for introducing me to Vulture Realty and Francis And The Lights.

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My friends tend to say am weird listening to this kind of music, cause it's "white". But i like it and helps me relax my mind.

I haven't thought about it like that, but any song truly great to me is one I want to hear again someday or right away.

thank you for this (and your others).. it's really great to be introduced to great music & I find it interesting to see / hear what doesn't get introduced mainstream.

I couldn't agree more with you on the topic of Genres. Genres are for people working at Sam Goody, or HMV in England, FNAC in France. People need to understand music is a tree with infinite branches, all bristling to a different breeze. Great mix btw. Keep em coming.