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Children's Day mix - Muro shavo, muri shej

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Fabulous mix, thanks for putting this up!
It's so great to be able to listen to this kind of music again...I had been in Hungarian withdrawal for a bit, there. =)

glad you liked it! I especially love the Balkans influences but whatistigerbalm already beat me to mentioning those :]

whoops this reminds me, I still need to post that Hungarian song which is so similar to one of the Croatian songs you posted! :O Maybe I should make a mix titled "Songs I promised to upload" ^^;

Today is Children's Day in Hungary, hence this mix.

A bit of background info... while these songs are performed by folk bands (with one exception in this mix), most of them are not folk songs per se, they are usually written by the performer/s for their own children who are often named in the song.

The last track is sung by someone who was an inspiration for some of the preceding music. It's a surprise, so keep your ears open! :)

The songs are either in Romani, in Hungarian, or both. BTW "Muro shavo" means "my son" and "muri shej" means "my daughter".