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Non-Mainstream Vocals 01


Introducing Central Asian throat singing, Romani oral bass, and Tuareg and Bulgarian folk singing. Read the desc for more info and related mixes!

8 tracks
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The idea for a series of mixes like this one struck me when avivamagnolia asked about Romani oral bass... it did not even occur to me that there were people who never heard of it before, probably because of my own ethnocentrism! Then I wanted to title the series "Unusual Vocals", but some of these vocals are hardly unusual for *me*, even more so for the people performing them in the recordings! Hence "Non-Mainstream Vocals".

I will also do a part 2, 3, etc. because it's impossible to put everything into 8 tracks and I like the concept of 8 tracks and not a million.

The series will be structured like this: there will be numbered mixes (like this particular one) which will serve as a kind of index, with two songs of a type (most of the time, one more traditional and another less so). Then there will also be entire mixes dedicated to specific types of vocals, like oral bass etc. So you can listen to the "index" mixes, find out what you're interested in, and then go to the specific mixes.

I will also have mixes which are not about traditional music/folk singing/etc., because there are also plenty of fascinating vocals in jazz, electroacoustic music, experimental music and so on. At least that's the plan and IY"H I will be able to stick to it.

If you're interested in contributing, we could make this a group effort, have a tag for it etc.


About this particular mix: I don't want to break the licensing rules so the description is out of order and does not list particular tracks. I hope you will still manage to find out what's what. Also, the last track is a really interesting multiethnic collaboration!

(Ack, the small comments box drives me nuts! :D )