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Josh's playlist

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Loud noises
Dr Who sucks and the only good character is the abzorbaloff

a playlist for the lead singer of Standard Als

  • Anime Hunter by Filthy Frank
    Ohmygosh you're such a weeaboo
  • NSP Theme Song by NSFW
    Our theme song
  • The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    if they don't dance Well, they're no friends of mine
  • Internet by stuffandthethings
    This meme is terrible, why don't you delete your account? Can I go home?
  • Game Grumps Remix (High Quality) Made by YogurtWithSprinkles by Hey Mr. Wilson
  • Gotta Go Fast by SanicTheHegehog
    This is my favourite song from the lotr soundtrack
  • Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths
    Kick me in the eye
  • Dayman by The Electric Dream Machine
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  • HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD (TV size) by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets
    hate this anime
  • If We Were Gay by Ninja Sex Party
  • Potion Seller by Pelvis Elsrey
  • Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root
    SEndME ON my WAy
12 tracks