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everything is going wrong, but we're so happy

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this playlist is so fcking dope i saw both com truise & fake drugs live and when i heard them on the album the memory just like enhanced the emotion this combination of songs gave me u feel??? anyways good shit op. well done. super good combo of songs to form the mood

@siriusremus no way!!! i saw com truise and fake drugs live too, was it with strfkr?? glad u liked the playlist, it's just a bunch of songs that make me happy and give me that feeling of driving late at night you know!!

@uhpeace omg ya! i saw all three together in spokane @ the knitting factory we prob weren't at the same concert but its still cool we had the same experience. whenever i make songs abt a certain feeling they always end up being way too simliar of songs and it just seems like the same one on repeat but u like mashed different ones well if that makes sense