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The End Where I Begin


The timeline of Cloud Strife, from mourning his friend and losing himself to poison and fake arrogance, to spiralling in his failures and recovered memories and finally learning to forgive himself, to fight again.

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2 comments on The End Where I Begin

Hymn for the Missing made me cry the first time I heard, and I cried again hearing it in this mix. Fuel's Haemorrhage has always made me think of Cloud, as well, glad I'm not the only one. All the Aeris/Cloud feels. Beautiful fanmix.

@her-lachrymose-heart i'm glad you liked it!! i never meant it to allude to any ships tbh but if you founds something that made you think of one then fair enough :') i personally love all these songs a lot too and yes the two you mentioned always hit me hard

Oh my God, this is the best of Cloud Strife fanmix FOR ME. I mean, the genres are my favorite, and the lyrics are so matched!! I love the title you put from the Script song, I dunno the song exist..!! And it bring feels to me of Zack's grave.

Would you like to listen to my fanmix too? I give you this one:

thank you very much!! i also indulged in my favourite genres for this mix and i'm glad i introduced a song to you!

your mix definitely brings up all the right emotions, i really like it!