Is this playlist safe for work?


hEY so this is a bunch of songs that make me think of u or whatever it's kinda dumb but it's the only thing i'm a little bit good at and i'm not even that good at it so yeah gifts just are not my thing. i'm making this like a month early i'm so nervous about this. anyway, thx for bein a good person. it means a lot. i hope this doesn't suck and i'm so sorry if it does........ make sure to listen all the way through to hear the secret track at the end.................. it's important ................

(also i had to remake the entire thing because i tried to edit it to add more songs and 8tracks was like "lol no u can't do that" and wouldn't let me publish it again sooooo here's yeah? 2.0 hope u like it i love u lol bye)

9 tracks