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still waters, my man


"we're not gettin' out of this life alive anyway, why not enjoy the process?"

some tunes for the good dude, my favourite dude, merle hightower highchurch

art by the wonderful lee @phantomfists on twitter! go check out their art!!

12 tracks
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the overall ambience, mood, etc. of this mix is So Good And Perfect like, just, it makes me very emotional and it fits the like...aesthetic of merle so well? idk if Sound can be aesthetic, but i hope that makes sense. you have such a good grasp on this amazing character and i love this mix, i love u, thank u for sharing it my good good pal

@n64cartridge im actually gonna cry at this comment jordan oh my gosh thank you sO MUCH?? that means to much to me merle is very near and dear to my heart so i'm sososo glad i could do him justice! thank you !!!!!!!!

this is soooososo good i wanted to comment right away but i decided to be patient n listen to the whole thing first >:'3c i love how the songs flow together so well and just like. the overall ambience is soo solid ?? 10/10 good dad mix would burn on a cd and hand to clint mcelroy