Un Caballo Bastante
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"Not one word. I've taken enough grief about calling my goddamn car the goddamn car the goddamn Batmobile. I'm the goddamn Batman and I can call my goddamn car whatever the hell I want to call it."

There's a whole lot of mixes out there dedicated to the various members of the Batfamily, but one member has gone without love.

Here's the scenario: Bruce Wayne had just made his return as a masked vigilante known as Batman. In order to re-familiarize himself with his old gear, he takes the Batmobile out on the field but discovers that the rest of the Batfamily have a playlist of their own to play as they bring justice to the roads of Gotham.


This playlist is either a cluttered mess or a boiling pot of random genres smashing together. Meh.

10 tracks
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