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So you think, on the Eve, of a grand design. Like getting kicked, weeping, out of the garden, your crocodile tears, dry and the clearing air rent sighs. Still lies in the grass upon its belly that lithesome, summon of wisdom, decried in the quick tap I mean snap, of the snare... Caught unaware and resplendent there in your agony. She beautiful I scream. She something out of my nascent uninformed dream and still beams of moon bent around silvered gates I was cast out, and then locked. My jaws. Aching with the labor it took to chew up the carnal knowledge I've had of you life. Like where exactly it was as I write it this, the epitome of whom I've witnessed. Bled. And upon the wrecked linoleum wedded my bliss to this life of rotten seeds, in my belly grew, another version of the fallen human. In the garden of deceit which is everything I've touched, since that poisoned philosophy I swallowed bloomed in my guts... And i woke in the

Delincuente, you sir/madam (a mi no español tan bueno - i cant tell) absolutely rock. Thank you. Another great mix. Has displaced star drifter for the mid-afternoon. :)