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The Island of Doubt

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cathartic is right. i'm in the middle of a dark battle with my OCD and i appreciate this mix so, so much. thank you!

@sour I'm really glad the songs I picked speak to you as much as they do to me. I'm on meds now and feeling a lot better, but I made this mix during the worst OCD spike of my life. I didn't think I was going to be able to come back from the edge, so I was considering suicide pretty seriously. I'm not fully recovered yet, but in less than a year I really turned myself around, and I'm functioning at a higher capacity than I have in years. What I'm saying is, I don't know you or how bad your situation has gotten, but you can get through this and find your center again. OCDers are tough as a general rule, really adept at weathering storms, so to speak. Good luck dude, I'm rooting for you.

@Uncle-Porkstar i read your comment when i was having an especially bad day and i just wanted to thank you. i'm on meds too, though i haven't been for long (before seeking help my OCD told me the pills weren't "safe"), so i'm currently in the stage where they're kinda-sorta working, but they definitely need more time. i was considering suicide before getting treatment, so i can unfortunately relate to that. i'm so sorry to hear that you've experienced the malicious lies and abuse that OCD dishes out regularly, but i'm also happy to hear that you're feeling better. we are tough, aren't we? and if we slip, it's not a huge failure... it just gives us the opportunity to claw our way back up and show how strong we are. good luck to you as well, it's a daily battle, but we can do this.