Undistinguishable Beat
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Aziraphale woke up in a place not his own, to the symphony of Crowley's soft, slow breathing. Crowley's eyes slit open, "you're awake angel?" Aziraphale didn't reply, only sat up on Crowley's bed in contemplative silence. Crowley slithered into Aziraphale's lap, wrapping him in a tight embrace. The room was silent, yet filled with passion and romance only found in melodies from long ago.

If music ever could be heard in their tender, solitary moment, perhaps it would sound like this.

Big thank you to pi3pr0xy for allowing me to use their lovely art for the cover! Please give them a follow, and find their artwork on their tumblr! https://pi3pr0xy.tumblr.com/post/186166119124

Edit: OMG THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS GEM STATUS <3 it means worlds to me that you enjoy the music!

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