Undistinguishable Beat
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"It was all worth it."

Crowley made a small noise of acknowledgement, asking a question without words. Aziraphale smiled and took a sip of his champagne, "Everything was worth it, you know? Six thousand years of secret communication and clandestine meetings, fights big and small, so much heartache..." Crowley, not in the mood to walk down heartbreak road, grumbled a curt "Do you have a point, angel?"
Aziraphale looked away, his smile still lingering. "I believe I do. All of our trials throughout these six thousand years are worth it," Aziraphale said while gently reaching for Crowley's hand, "if it meant that we would one day reach a happy ending." Crowley blushed, making an indignant noise as Aziraphale pressed a long, tender kiss onto his knuckles.

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