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One big lazy mix


When you don't feel like doing anything, just listen to these tracks. Of course you can listen to them even while doing something, it doesn't really matter. I just wanted to write something long in the description, you're probably not even reading it. Anyways, enjoy.

49 tracks
7 comments on One big lazy mix

dude this is easily the best playlist on all of 8 teacks. i love this playlist after smoking but also listento it when sober. definately my favorite. its on perpetually. it calms me, it makes me happy, everthing on it is so euphoric. it takes me on an emotional journey and i feel like im hovering throughout the playlist. i wont lie, the cover art and name is what first attracted me to the playlist but i hit thr jackpot with it. we should be friends because i love your taste in music. perfect for any dy and any mood. if your upset plug this in and it wont necessarily make you happy but it makes you relaxed and comfortable, which i guess leads to making you happy. every song is placed perfectly so that it crescendos into an emotional highlpoint, then drops you back into a content mellow state and then repeats itself. you are a genius, this playlist is genius, thank you for opening up so many artists to me and the other listeners. i love this!