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A mix for the three unluckiest orphans in the history of literature, and for all the sinister situations in which they find themselves.

Includes music by The Mountain Goats, Andrew Bird and The Decemberists. Enjoy!

You can find a tracklist here: http://thefastestofthefish.tumblr.com/post/86924671597/the-world-is-quiet-here-a-mix-for-the-three

19 tracks
5 comments on The world is quiet here.

I always get this wonderful feeling of nostalgia whenever I think about this series. Somehow, I got the same feeling just by listening to this playlist. Well done.

Oh Dear I'm in love with your kind of Music! I watched the film and Its was Beautiful but I am sure the Book is astonishing! the books are always better :)

Again, thank you so much! The books were massive parts of my childhood, so this was just a sort of fun exercise in fanmix making (also an opportunity to make a fancy-ass cover). Thank you for enjoying it!

Again, anytime! Please stop making such amazing playlists cause I will always reply, ohh yes hahahaha quite an opportunity!

It may be the fact that I'm reading these comments at 1 am but I am currently both cackling at the last one and crying at this one.
You so fab.