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What's your name? (Vol. I)

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@vin venture glad you like it! This isn't comprehensive by any means - there's a second volume published and i have a playlist of about 70 more on my computer I haven't gotten around to doing properly yet - Layla's definitely in one of those! Thanks for listening and enjoying! :)

@unknownhorcrux My god, this is amazing then. I still have to give a look at the second part, but if what you say about the 70 tracks is real, then you could spend all your life uploading mixes about this! No, seriously, your idea was brilliant and I (and many others) love it. You're completely welcome, and thanks for considering my suggestion ^^

this mix is so original! the ever warming (and everlasting) presence of simon & garfunkel/belle & sebastian in your mixes never fails to make me happy. i've noticed that recently you've uploaded extremely cool covers; which app(s) do you use?

Haha, I like to see it as a challenge: how many S&G and B&S songs can I crowbar into my mixes? The answer turns out to be 'quite a few'... Thanks for liking my covers! I use Gimp (it's basically free photoshop). I'm really barely competent at using it, but still, it serves my purposes :)