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Puttin' On The Dog


This is the Derek/Stiles mix I made for season 1 way back when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Oh wait no it hurt then too. These songs are still 100% applicable, especially the one about the knot. Yes, I went there.

Tracklist and download link here: http://no-natural-law.tumblr.com/post/67940813312/puttin-on-the-dog-a-derek-stiles-fanmix-this

Includes Tom Waits, Neko Case, Timber Timbre and more.

12 tracks
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oh man, I remember I downloaded this mix back on the time there were literally only 4 fanmixes in the whole fandom, now look how far we came

@ wow, i’m amazed that you remembered my mix from then! it’s strange thinking back to when teen wolf was a small fandom, instead of the behemoth it is now. there are approximately 1 million sterek mixes these days! anyway, thanks for commenting and i hope you enjoyed this one :-)