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Stir Your Mind Vol.1


The first in a series of different genre mixes to help with writing.

  • White Sands Test by Peter Cline
  • Twinkling Sky by The A.M. Experiment
  • If the Moon Could Frown. by Lucy Claire.
  • Ceiling Gazing by The A.M. Experiment
  • Harp, Vibraphone, and Interactive Electronics Piece (demo) by Robby Neubauer
  • Forgotten by Lone Moon
  • Zodiac Shit by Flying Lotus
  • Stille (Featuring Alev Lenz) by Lucy Claire
  • Don't fear the reaper by Robin Mood
  • Interval of Time by Mitsuto Suzuki
  • The Sirens by My Kingdom
  • Oregon by Tristan Eckerson
  • Out With The New. In With The Old by Fox and a Crow
13 tracks
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