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Play Crack the Playlist

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I read the fanfic a while back and loved it, without listening to almost all of the songs, then went on to find this playlist and, honestly, in the over a year since I read the fic I have worn this playlist thin relistening to it over and over, in the best possible way, it's my favourite kind of brilliant ambient study noise but when I tune back in to it, it's still excellent music. Definitely going to reread the fic in the future now I know all the songs so intimately :)

ive read the fic like six billion times but i never heard any of the songs before. this is my first time reading with the playlist and its lifechanging

I finished reading the fanfic this afternoon and I smiled like an idiot because Sterek just does that. I loved your fanfic. The songs fit it perfectly :)

I'm currently reading your fanfic and it's brilliant! also you have a great musical taste! this playlist is officially one of my favourites! kudos!

I love the mix and I started Reading the fic today . I only found the fic because of the playlist and I've been on ao3 for amonth from today it will be 2 years. I'll let you know how I like it.