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For Nick



P.S. Read the comments for the message. Too many words. Arg...

I love you to pieces, and I don't know what I would do without you. Nicky you mean the world to me, so smile on.


For those who ALWAYS rock, I salute YOU!!! :P

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keep your head up. Things get better I promise. Just remember to breathe, and things will work out. Don't give up yet, because I know you are going places I could not even dream of.
I know things are looking gray, but you've got enough color in you to make my world a rainbow. You are the best in-side-out Oreo a sister could wish for.
Don't worry, you are just as special of a person, if not more special than me, and you will aways have me to remind you. Promise.
These songs are for you (some are just silly and remind me of you, and some have an important message) . Your day will come, I know it. Just hang in there.