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Undisclosed Desires


"He has nothing to offer one such as you, and even a fool such as Atton is not so ignorant of that fact."

A long, multi-genre playlist for the tangle of emotions suspended between Atton and the Exile, echoing out in the vast emptiness between stars.

159 tracks
2 comments on Undisclosed Desires

Thank you for this amazing bittersweet mix. "Shackled" is an all-time favorite of mine, and I can't believe I never realized how perfectly it fits them!

This is so awesome - 159 songs about Atton and the Exile?? Just what I've always been waiting for :33 And the Muse song this mix is named after has always made me think of them :D

@Blueotterkitty Thank you so much! That means a lot! :) Oh man, same here about the title. Wish Obsidian had gotten the time they needed to really polish up the game (and maybe give us more of an explicit romance, haha).