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The Never-Ending Ache of Love and Sorrow

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I enjoy crying over this book, and I also enjoy watching 'The Way He Looks'. Imagine my surprise when I came across your profile, you who've made playlists for both sorrow and joy! Why is it that so many people who like that Brazilian film love this book, I'll never know, but certainly I'm of the same temperament!

@Shea Butter Hand Cream Oh my goodness, your comment just made my day! Thank you!! You're right, it is funny that so many people love both, I think they were popularized by tumblr? By the way, I heard that there's a possibility of TSOA becoming a TV miniseries!

@upturnedcollars In my case I discovered TSOA because I read about it in the newspaper in a section about upcoming book releases. Unusual homoerotic perspective + Greek myths = my money gone so I asked a friend to get it for me for my birthday. I hadn't read the Iliad back then so after completing it I was in tears for days... in contrast Tumblr definitely introduced me to 'The Way He Looks' through the very popular gif of Gabriel kissing Leo from the short film. I don't think I'll watch the miniseries because that book has ruined my life enough. Truly, though, this is a gorgeous mix, very melancholy and Mediterranean. You have great taste!

Thank you so much for posting this. I may now go crawl into my bed, hold my book near my chest, and sob for eternity.