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Mixed bag of anime songs


Anime songs that I like. Very exciting, I know.

Some of them might be a bit old and one is in German. (Spoiler: it's the last one.)
You've been warned.

  • 말도 안돼 by Various Artists
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  • Always With Me by 久石譲
  • [Wada Kouji] Butterfly by Chifuukoe2
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  • Naruto wind by Ozomaki Naruto - 08
  • Bratja (Brothers) by 大島ミチル
  • Okaasan No Uta by Amber Hazuki
  • stray [full](2) by [wolfs rain] steve conte
  • Don't Make Me Wild Like You by Ranma ½ OP 1
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening by hitomihime
  • 名探偵コナンOP Mysterious Eyes by Garnet Crow
  • Kingdom Hearts Simple And Clean By Utada Hikaru by Kyra Philp
  • Sag das Zauberwort (German Opening) by Sailor Moon
12 tracks
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