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but we're together now


i haven't made a fanmix in almost two years what's happening fam. i've come back with slightly better editing skills. but only slightly. this cover is cheesy as fuck.

anyway. here are my frankenrai feels. this is a mix of frankenstein and raizel's POVs, sometimes literally, covering from their meeting, to their separation, to their reunion, and a little extra. assuming they've been in love all along, of course. ♥

please note that the last two songs are bonus tracks so you don't have to take them too seriously if you don't want to, but i do recommend you listen to them anyway.

if you wanna reblog this on tumblr here's the link: http://yukinoyayoi.tumblr.com/post/147315770250/but-were-together-now-a-frankensteinraizel

20 tracks
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