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IM JOSEB TRASH HAVE SOME FEELINGS i also put stupid annotations for each song, check em out lol i suppose this goes in a progression from in a dark place to a fluffy end bam there we go

  • Guilty Gear X Liquor Bar and the Drunkard by TheBigSpoon
    so this ones just an instrumental but like holy shit seb pounding it down at the bar tho feel free to skip i guess
  • No One by Those Poor Bastards
    queue tears
  • George Thorogood Cover by I Drink Alone
    seb no stop stop pls
  • Snuff by Slipknot
    more crying ensues
  • The Noose by A Perfect Circle
    but I'm more than just a little curious how you're planning on going 'round making our amends to the dead
  • Send the Pain Below by Chevelle
    much like suffocating [choke me jojo]
  • Blood Infections by frnkiero andthe cellabration
    franks voice is a lil scratchy with the filter so: I wanna try I wanna live all night And burn out bright I want you to know what I can't show the outside It's why I hide But your friends say I'm no good for you, What do they know? Please don't listen to a goddamn thing they say If tonight's our night, baby Just don't hurt me, don't hurt me I'll give you my heart If tonight's our night, baby Just don't hate me, don't hate me For taking your light I need a love I want enough to keep my thirst satisfied I wanna take your hand Make you understand my side, and our kind But I know it's hard for you to let go of the world that you knew Please just close your eyes, We're better off this way Tonight's our night, baby So don't hate me, trust in me I wanna show you my world Tonight's our night, baby So don't hurt me, don't hurt me I'm so scared of what's to come In the dark, in the dark no one hides but me [x3] In the dark no one hides In the dark, in the dark no one gets away [x3] We own the night Every night's our night, baby So stay with me, be with me Until the end of this world [x2] We owned the night [x4]
  • Juicebox by The Strokes
    why don't you come over here? eh jojo??
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