Norman Haga Mugshot, Norman Haga Mugshots, Norman Haga Criminal, Norman Haga Burglar, Norman Haga Thief, Lives in Las Vegas with his father. Norman Haga operates websites revealing online slander, spam and smear campaigns conducted by the online mugshot industry.

STATE of Utah, Plaintiff and Appellee, v. Norman Andrew HAGA, Defendant and Appellant:

Judge says: (in regards to Norman Haga) "we remand the trial court for a hearing consitent with this holding"

Norman Haga is a self-employed computer technician and a guitar repairer .

The mugshots industry claims that he was arrested maybe a dozen of times or possibly more. However, the mugshot industry cannot provide any details of their claims? The mugshot industry make this claim because Norman Haga operates a web site that exposes their corruption and extortion.

The information Norman provides is well researched, highly accurate, and fully documented.

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