"Wave the past goodbye. You've got your whole life to lead."

I'm Nic, I'm 22 years old, and very happy with where my life is right now. I couldn't ask for more.I have a good job, and I know what my future holds. I know where I will be in 5 years.

I can be the nicest guy you've ever met, or the biggest asshole. It all depends on you. I prefer to be a nice guy, but if i gotta be mean I will. I'm a sucker for a pouty lip....idk why. I think small, black framed glassed are hella sexy. Chicks with man hands and man feet are nasty looking. I prefer brunettes. I play guitar, bass, alto saxophone, keyboard, and a little bit of drums. I write my own music. I want to get married and have children someday. My dream is to be a pilot. My dreams will come true. If you'd like to know anything else, feel free to ask me. I promise i'll be nice.

I am not politically correct. In my opinion that's one of America's biggest problems. Everyone is scared to offend someone. Yeah. Fuck That. I say racial profiling all the way. Hell, maybe if we profiled 9/11 wouldn't have happened and 3,000+ innocent people wouldn't have lost their lives at the hands of Islamic extremists. I believe religion incites war. Wanna know why? Message me and i'll lay it out for you. I'm a smart-ass. I don't care who's feelings get hurt. If your acting like a retard and getting on my nerves i'm going to let you know, whether I know you or not. Need more? Just ask. In closing, My friends and family mean everything to me. You fuck with one of us, you've fucked with all of us. The end.

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