Everybody who knows me would say that I'm really into music.
Since I was a little child, and thanks to my father, I started buying records and listenning to many different music groups and styles.
I love music so much that I have even taken drums lessons, and (although I'm still not very good on it) one of my dreams is to be part of a group myself someday.
I have also dj-ed in many places (most of the time small places, but from time to time some clubs as well): Garaje Sónico, Espiral Pop, Independance Club, Undertone Bar, Metropolis Club, Midada... (All of them in Madrid, Spain)
My taste in music is very eclectic, I like 60s sound, folk, britpop, powerpop, rock, grunge, punk, indie, even some electropop & house music.
Thank you for dropping into my account, I hope you'll find it interesting :)

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