The artist Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman
Alias: "Black UniGryphon"

All cover graphics are my own original artwork and/or photography.

I like: Yoga, Taiji chuan, Qigung, Raqs Sharqi, Tribal Fusion & ATS Bellydance, Ghawazee & Folkloric Egyptian Dance, Gypsy, Popping & Locking, DDR, Jumpstyle (the dance), Rave, Happy Hardcore Techno, Hi-NRG Eurodance, 303 Acid, Synth, New Age, World, Ethnic, and more.

Tribal Fusion & Bellydance

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Updated April 25, 2016

Bellydance, tribal Fusion, world, folk, electronic fusion, ambient, some Goth ambient ethnic. Eclectic pop stuff, New Age, Pagan, some weird stuff, and also pop & Gypsy. Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Moroccan, Egyptian, Californian, Asia, Contemporary, and more