I am a lover of music, art, movies, retro & dark aesthetics, goth lifestyle, occult (i practice tarot, neutral/gray magic & wicca), designing dresses (medieval, pagan, baroque,victorian, cosplay and lolita, mostly), writting, singing (i sing in a choir), tea parties, metal & dark electro concerts, theatre, literature and manga, nature and animals.

I've done this playlist for inspiration while I'm designing clothes or writing, but I don't mind sharing with you. Enjoy and thanks for listening^^!

"Es la hora del té, mi señora". Temática victoriana & tea parties.

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Updated June 13, 2016

Música clásica XIX y temática similar moderna inspirada en la época victoriana para ambientar esas tardes de té con mis amigas. // Classical and modern music inspired in Victorian atmosphere for those tea afternoons with my beautiful friends.

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Updated February 28, 2015

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