Many a fate doth Zeus dispense, high on his Olympian
throne; oft do the gods bring things to pass beyond man's expectation;
that, which we thought would be, is not fulfilled, while for the unlooked-for
god finds out a way; and such hath been the issue of this matter.


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Updated January 28, 2014

E. Mixes that are ethereal in nature; that send you on a fantasy of wonder. Also includes mixes that seem to be magically woven. For mixes living in the green-worlds of life. Nicknamed: ethereal.

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Updated July 07, 2015

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Updated July 19, 2014

SF. Mixes dedicated to Science Fiction themes; these usually come in the form of alien species, space exploration, robots, androids, etc. Everything doing with "space" itself and the universe is in the "G" collection. Nickname: Science Fiction.