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Updated December 29, 2015

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of mice and princesses

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Updated December 11, 2015

for princess, the ticking of clocks and the blisters of dancing all night in glass shoes, for happily ever afters and the battles that they contain, for the prick of thorns and the bite of bitter apples

party till you're dead

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Updated December 11, 2015

gods of the dance floor, high on their own power and the taste of drugs still lingering in their kisses, death shaped like fingerprint bruises on their thighs, and only the beat of the music keeping them from flat-lining.

southern gothic

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Updated October 25, 2016

for when the muggy heat lays on you like a wool blanket doused in boiling water, when you fear the reflection looking back at you through the slime of the swamp isn't yours, when there's blood on the magnolia tree, and you think the neighbours are cannibals.

very blasphemous and almost holy

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Updated October 20, 2016

a cruelty like velvet, the teeth of the lamb at the throat of the lion, arms lifted in prayer and you'll spend your life on your knees. love me in the shadow of the tower of babel, the smear of my blood on our ruins.