Mixtaped! is nearly a 2 year old weekly 'micro' party in Mumbai, that was conceptualized & still is being curated by Reji (http://rejistry.com/), at The Den (Bandra, MUMBAI). Its the only night in the country where besides DJs, established singers, musicians, scenesters & nightlife industrywallahs too get a night to take control of the decks & dish out their favourite music for you in an intimate environment.

Every Wednesday night, each handpicked artist would spin a DJ set or prepare a playlist of minimum 2 hours for the evening, as per his/her convenience. The music on each Mixtaped! night gives you a closer perspective in understanding the featured artist’s all time & current favourites, influences, sound and personality.

Each Mixtaped! session would also include a standard 5 question blog interview followed by a 8 track playlist called microlist. microlists are 8 track playlists/samplers compiled in advance by the featured personality performing at Mixtaped! each week.

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