I write a lot. I think too much. I get infatuated easily but intimacy is a bit hard for me. I don't easily believe compliments unless they're told to me often. I see beauty all around me no matter where I am. I never lie when I compliment someone or something.

I want to read the entire world but I'm scared to drive alone. I want to be independent but there's a love for being sheltered that exists for me. I enjoy laughing and smiling and connecting. And my happiness is my sole creation. I love being by myself but to be without my family and friends would be the biggest heartbreak possible.

I try not to hurt others, but I know I do it purposely, and I'm sorry if I ever harmed you. I look so young but sometimes I feel so old but there will come a day when all of these discrepancies will disappear and I will miss them.

I want to record every sweet and brilliant thought that passes through my head but I don't always remember to write them down. I want to write more but my handwriting is garbage and I'm so sucked in to what other people are creating. I want to change that and have others read my work instead, but that means having people read my work which leaves me feeling vulnerable and afraid. But I endeavor to publish something of high quality one day. I don't care if it's on a website, lit magazine, or book. Just give me the medium and the space and let my voice be heard. I promise I will make it worth it.