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Paying your bills can be a hassle. It can often involve constantly sending checks to different companies and keeping track of what you have paid or need to pay. However, by following the steps in this guide you can set up online bill paying so that each month your bills are automatically sent out leaving you without the worries of remembering when bills are due.

Paying your bills can be a hassle

Choosing an online service

When it comes to online banking there are options given by both your bank and service providers as to how to pay your bills. Your bank most likely allows you to set up bill pay by just filling in information for the company that would be on your bill. The trouble with this is that the bank prints out the check and sends it to the service provider. This can lead to instances where the company does not accept this form of payment because their own systems will not recognize the check. To solve this problem, check out your service provider's website to see if there are further instructions on how to pay your bills through your bank's online services.


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