Dragon Age (DA3: Inquisition)

40 playlists

Updated November 19, 2016

Dragon Age playlists specifically themed for Dragon Age Inquisition and the events of that game. The Herald of Andraste, the advisors and companions that gave the Inquisition its heart, and the hole in the sky that started it all. (Some characters have their own separate collections because this was getting too full: Dorian, Cole, Cullen, and Bull/Chargers).

Dragon Age (Dorian x Inquisitor)

34 playlists

Updated September 28, 2016

HELP THIS OTP IS RUINING ME: I had to split up the Dorian collection since any mix after the 50th is cut off in infinite scroll... so the Dorian x Inquisitor shippy mixes are all here now. Any Dorian-only or other ships are in a separate collection.

Dragon Age (Fenris)

30 playlists

Updated May 07, 2016

Fenris gets his own collection since my DA2 collection was getting too big. This includes general Fenris playlists as well as Fenhawke and Fenabela mixes. (Due to 8tracks infinite scroll cropping off all mixes in a collection after the 50th, I'm keeping these all at 50 or less).

Electronic (Futurepop/Synthpop)

10 playlists

Updated September 23, 2016

Futurepop and synthpop that veers more toward the goth end of the spectrum than the happy-pop end of things. For more of an 80's upbeat vibe, check out my New Wave/Synthpop collection instead.

Electronic Heavier (Aggrotech, EBM, Glitch, etc)

48 playlists

Updated July 12, 2017

The harder side of electronic music: Aggrotech, EBM, industrial, and aggressive dubstep. For more electronic music, check out my other collections which include the lighter side of chill EDM, chiptunes, futurepop, and synthpop.

Fairy Tales (Light Side)

18 playlists

Updated November 24, 2015

Pretty, romantic music featuring vocal tracks that bring to mind pixies dancing in sun-dappled meadows, enchanted ballrooms, and love triumphing over evil. If you're looking for instrumental mixes, check out my "Writing (Fantasy)" collections.

Writing (Fantasy 1-50)

49 playlists

Updated January 22, 2016

Instrumental mixes to inspire creativity without distraction. Playlists 1-50 here, playlists 51-100 in a different collection due to the 8tracks infinite scroll layout cropping off all playlists after the first 50 in each collection.

Writing Inspiration (Unseelie/Wild Hunt/Seelie)

46 playlists

Updated June 14, 2016

A collection tailored to get my creative juices flowing for my ongoing writing project. Mixes for Book 1 include themes of dark faeries, trickery, and unhealthy relationships. Mixes for Book 2 include themes of The Wild Hunt, conquerors, and cruel monarchs. Mixes for Book 3 include ethereal love songs, music for princesses and witches, and romantic fluff.