8tracks won't be available for users outside of the US and Canada. Which means I won't be able to upload playlists on here for good. (And I can't listen to others, yay to that.) I'm so sorry but I won't keep my playlists updated anymore. Most of the playlists are whole but others have about 5-7 tracks missing, but with the new terms, my hands are tied. Thank you for supporting me and my playlists throughout the years.

NEWS (OCTOBER 30 2015)
Guys, I'm so sorry for not providing you with more mixes on here, but the truth is, it's getting more difficult to find songs on Soundcloud because 8tracks had to change its terms of using songs. I find myself unable to continue doing mixes as I've done before with that change because I don't own all songs and it's very time-consuming to upload single songs for a playlist. I have thousands of ideas but I simply don't have the time, e.g. I had a Halloween mix in my mind which I won't be able to upload on here on time.
Same goes with replacing missing tracks on playlists. I'll try my best to keep up with that, but again, sometimes those tracks will stay missed because my options for replacing them are limited.
I'm very sorry because making playlists brought joy to me, and to you, my listeners, as well. Of course this account will stay active, so you can still listen to the playlists that already exist.
I hope you'll still enjoy my mixes, I'm so glad to have all of you. You kept me motivated during this wonderful time on here!
Maybe making mixes will become easier in the future, we shall see. I'm not giving up my hopes!

THANK YOU for listening & commenting on my mixes, i'm so happy whenever i see that so many people like my mixes. so let me give you a BIG HUG, you guys are the best.

i'm (like many people on here) an aspiring writer who's mostly drawing inspiration from music, so you'll (probably or most of the time) find many THEMED mixes - i'll try to capture different moods, because oh well, that's just what a writer tries to do after all (besides telling stories).
occasionally, there might be some EXCEPTIONS (like fanmixes for shows). i hope that doesn't scare you off. also i rearrange my collections from time to time because my taste in mixes changes all the time.