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a surprising combo of 19 well-chosen songs to be the background to your lust-fueled sexcapades. this isn't your normal, r&b focused, explicitly sexual playlist - it's all implicit, deep and alluring, and you'll thank me for it. started off with a sultry she and him track and featuring the low, slow, heavy beats of fever ray and the weeknd. get it on.

(recently updated with st. vincent's "the antidote".)

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I LOVED the beginning of this mix, but then it got really heavy on the R&B. I know that it is a "traditional" sound for a sex track, but when it was mixed with songs like Kings of Leon's "Closer," which is a deeper, more emotional kind of sexy, it interrupts the flow, you know what I mean? Anyway, just my two cents. Like I said, great mix :)