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Revenge is an Uphill War

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They are ruthless and cruel. They will stop at nothing to get what the want. James Tiberius Kirk will see to that, and the rest will fall in line...not out of loyalty or love...but because he will get the job done.

He's the worst of the lot.

They want revenge, Admiral, so they will not stop. Not till every last one of them is dead. Sometimes, not even then.

"How do you know that, Ambassador?"

Because they are still us.

  • Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of war drums by Perfect Circle
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  • Monster by Kanye West
  • 16 - Die Die My Darling by radioelcarnero
  • Lost Cause by Imagine Dragons
  • Secret by The Pierces
  • Far Too Young To Die by Panic! At The Disco
  • Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) (BacauHouseMafia.Ro) by Skrillex
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