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The Ainulindalë


"Then the voices of the Ainur, like unto harps and lutes, and pipes and trumpets, and viols and organs, and like countless choirs singing with words, began to fashion the theme of Ilúvatar to a great music ; and a sound arose of endless interchanging melodies woven in harmony that passed beyond hearing into depths and into heights, and the places of the dwelling of Ilúvatar were filled to overflowing and the music and the echo of the music went out into the Void...

...and it was not void."

9 tracks
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I was reading the chapter about Fifth Battle (of Unnumbered Tears) and randomly picked this playlist.... God(s) it felt great! Made me shout battle cries when armies of Gondolin marched out and when Hurin was fighting. Great playlist! Just amazing!

I'm so glad you like it! I actually decided to make this mix while I was rereading the Silmarillion recently - I thought this sort of music just fit, ya know? I plan to make similarly themed mixes in the near future. :)