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"This thing we do--this self-hating act of pain and revenge--it's not for others to know about. She
can play mother to Emma, and play princess to his Prince Charming, but what we do is the thing
that silently eats away at her insides. The knowledge that deep down, she's mine."

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This is absolutely so wonderful! OMG. I adore this mix so much. So many amazing songs that fit so well with the story. Especially 'Dark in my Imagination', I was just taken back, because it was so much of regina in the story. You're so amazing, and thank you for this!

@thelast.thingido1 OMG! OmGI'm the one that should say thank you for your amazing story. I didn't know that I needed your story so much until I read. I'm always rereading because is just so fantastic. Omg, i still dont believe that you actually listen and like my playlist. thank you. i'm dying....