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( a female ghost of indian folklore; the word is also used colloquially for a witch )

She wasn't born where her ancestors were, but something of it lives in her. It screams in her mind and runs in her blood. It tells her what she is. She is two kinds of witch: good and bad. She is two kinds of person: of the motherland, and of the other land. The world is full of girls like her, full of their songs. // A mix for the modern-day desi witch, from dusk to dawn.

16 tracks
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Honestly, probably a year after I first "liked" this mix, it's still one of my all-time favorites on 8tracks. Thank you for sharing it with us! c8

@neomeris Sorry I'm just seeing this now - but what an awesome thing to hear! Thank you! I made this mix with a lot of love and the pressing need to see more contemporary diaspora desi witch things, so it's amazing to see it appreciated even a year+ later!

I honestly clicked on this mix expecting it to be fairly average one and mostly consistent of songs similar to Jai Ho and Come and Get It. Boy how wrong was I.
This mix is amaazing I love it