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The Good, The Bad & The Ineffable


Get ready for some apocalyptic love...thing. I suddenly got the urge to put a Good Omens Mix together and somehow I went overboard.

This Playlist contains lots of romance, angst, fluff, a little bit sexiness and a lot of bad-boy-tunes as well as a few quirky ones. The songs revolve around aziraphale & crowley, their relationship...all those feelings!

Please enjoy <3

The artwork is drawn by and belongs to Lastlabyrinth. Visit her at DA here:

59 tracks
5 comments on The Good, The Bad & The Ineffable

oh, man, I love this playlist! Thank you so much for creating it, it's helped me through more than a few fics about this lovable morons that know legit nothing about love!

It's been almost two years since I liked this playlist and it's still my favorite Good Omens mix out there. Your annotation just make my day and it's honestly incredible that you found so many songs that fit so perfectly!

@karkatthecrab Aww thats so sweet to hear. Q////Q I find myself reading it every two years I think, cause it's never getting old or boring. To me it's a very special book that I love dearly. Soo which songs do you like best in the playlist? C: Thank you so much

@Berry-Pink Oh geez it's hard to choose! I'm gonna have to go with The Boys Are Back In Town, Mr. Crowley, Good to be Bad, Me & My Baby (Saturday Night), Heaven Knows, Comeback, 20th Century Boy, Bittersweet Faith, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, I Wanna Do Bad Things With You, Kill of the Night, and Honeybee. Which is a lot but hey the more the merrier.

@karkatthecrab Haha yeah quite a lot, but ths playlist is started so small and suddenly became a monster! XD So it's okay to have a lot of favourites! So recently I've heard some new rumors about Good Omens and a possible series. But I guess Neil is currently focussed on American Gods, I can;t wait to watch it!